Corporate Image

Your corporate image establishes how your customers perceive your company. Your logo, design and choice of communications, quality of printing, and quality of materials should communicate the essence of your company.

This dentist has an upscale practice. His examination rooms overlook the ocean, and there is a 100 gallon aquarium in his waiting room. He is an expert diver. The choice of an ocean theme in full color was obvious.

Business Card using full colorl

A two-color logo is fairly typical of a medium-sized company. However, this two-color logo uses a design trick to achieve a third color. This kind of "bonus" often appears in our designs.

Business Card using two colors, plus blending trick to achieve third 'bonus' colorl

This company manufactures electronic security devices. The black and white scheme connotes strength and works with the "gate" theme of the logo. Sometimes a one color logo makes good sense, as well as being economical.

Business Card using one colorl

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