How to Get Started

A graphic design and printing project proceeds step-by-step. Each step is self-contained; you have the choice to proceed, halt/wait, or start over. The whole process is budgeted, so you know your final cost at the beginning of the project. If you choose to make changes with fiscal impact, (changes in design elements, quantities, number of items, or deadlines), the entire project is re-costed for your approval. If you choose to halt or wait at any point, you only pay for the steps you have started. In most cases, the project can be re-started without additional cost.

Preliminary Discussion

At the start of a project we will have a preliminary discussion concerning the nature of your business. This discussion is free. My specialty is making this a painless process, maybe even fun. It is as limited or detailed as you wish it to be, but the goal is to determine as rapidly as possible the project’s scope, focus, and keys to success. We will discuss the use of the final printed product, quantities, and how you intend to distribute it. We will discuss what your competitors are doing, and how this piece will compare to their efforts. We will discuss what you have done in the past, and what success you have had. We will discuss your customer’s point of view: what are they looking for from your product or service? How do they make the decision to buy? We will discuss what design pieces or concepts you will provide, and what you need from us. Finally, we will discuss your budget and time frame. These two items are the primary determinants of the options available to you. This process may sound intimidating, but with my guidance, it will seem easy, and will insure a successful outcome.

Proposal/Statement of Work

Impressive Images will develop a Proposal/ Statement of Work based on our preliminary discussion. It will spell out in writing the conclusions of our preliminary discussion and provide a budget for the project based on those conclusions. The Statement of Work will contain the design elements and specifications including what you, the client, will provide, how many designs will be generated, licensure of the design, the specifications of the final printed product, quantities desired, and delivery. In most cases, the preparation of this proposal is also free. However, proposals with multiple options will incur a small preparation fee.


If the proposal meets your budget requirements, and if you agree with the elements of the statement of work, you will send us the items you promised to provide, and a check for the non-refundable portion of the preliminary design(s) as spelled out in the Statement of Work.

Preliminary Design

The preliminary design will be submitted for your review and approval within three business days.

Discussion and Refinement

After you review the design, give us a call to discuss any refinements or changes. The cost for refinements or modifications is built into the total cost of the design. The design should be finalized after a short process of discussion and revision. However, you may have developed a new design idea that you wish to explore. In that case, we would modify the statement of work, and obtain your agreement along with an additional non-refundable deposit for the new design.

Final Proof

After a few iterations of discussion and refinement, you will sign off on the final proof. At this time, you will owe the balance of the design cost.

OK to Print.

Before proceeding to print, we will need your formal OK as a separate step. This gives you the opportunity to adjust quantities and delivery dates. We will require an additional deposit if the printing costs are high or if our relationship is relatively new.

Delivery of the Final Product

We will deliver the final product to you when complete. In most cases we will collect the balance of the printing cost on delivery. Actual payment terms will be specified in the Proposal/Statement of Work. You can rest assured that you will be pleased with the final product, because we have been partners throughout the project.